Who is Master René

My name is Master René, and I am a 60 year old male Master/Dom. I live in Italy, in Torino (a big and quite chaotic town in the North of Italy - the FIAT/FCA town...) but I travel a lot for my job. I am a sexually uninhibited, dominant but caring Master. I am in the Alt scene since I was 16 and after a long time clubbing around I started placing ads online since the very beginning of the Internet era. I trained and had subs in all Europe and USA: I visited them and they also visited me here, and we always had wonderful (...passionately wonderful, I dare say...) sessions and time together.

Master René

Why am I a Master? By taking control, I am taking responsibility for the quality of the life and relationship my sub/slave/little is having. It is entirely on me for her to have a good time. Being good at what I do, taking on this burden frees my sub/slave/little up to do nothing more than experience and enjoy. She can entirely shut off her brain, and submit. As a good Dom/Master my job is to be pushing the limits and boundaries of my sub/slave, without ever going too far and breaking them. I want to push them as hard as I can, with my sub/slave/little yearning to come back and see me again when I am finished, since she understands and experiences that everything I did is for and about her, and every choice I made and will make is the best choice for her.

Results from http://bdsmtest.org/

100% Bondage Giver
100% Master/Mistress
93% Degradation Giver
91% Daddy/Mommy
89% Sadist
83% Primal (Predator)
79% Dominant
75% Exhibitionist
75% Voyeur
71% Experimentalist
67% Brat Tamer
54% Non-monogamist
53% Primal (Prey)
45% Pervert
29% Masochist
24% Bondage Receiver
13% Vanilla
4% Switch
0% All-Rounder
0% Brat
0% Degradation Receiver
0% Girl/Boy
0% Slave
0% Submissive
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Who is Master René