BDSM Content

I am never trying to control a woman. I am trying to seduce her mind... There are actually four key factors a Dom must inspire within a submissive to seduce her mind:
1) Inspiring Trust & Safety
The primary role of a Dominant is to ensure a submissive’s physical and emotional safety during a session. A submissive must feel safe enough to give over full control over her body and mind. A person who makes her fearful, nervous, threatened or pressured cannot achieve the primary requirement of a Dominant to inspire her sense of safety & trust.
2) Inspiring Confidence
Confidence is the calm, in control energy we exude that draws people to us and makes other people want to follow us. A Dom must exude confidence for a submissive to want to hand over control to him.
3) Seducing Her Mind
A submissive chooses as her Dominant who she wants to give control over of her body and mind… So you must be able to seduce her mind and inspire her body. Seduce the mind first, then the body follows eagerly…
4) Understanding motivations and mindsets
A submissive is a woman who, of her own free will, give over full control of her body, mind and soul. Fully understanding why that happens, all the different motivations and mindsets, can allow you to become her Master

As a Master/Dom, I am taking responsiblity for the quality of the life and relationship my sub/slave/little is having. This includes preparing training material, most of which will be private/personal (focused to an individual submissive), but some of which will be public, like for example the BDSM Glossary, or the Shibari&Kinbaku page.

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